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Toys can aid kids' development

About Coogam

They can gain educational values through playing

About Coogam

Coogam is your go-to source for educational toys!

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Love these, and my grandson loves these! Such a magnificent little teaching tool for toddlers! Easy to hold and easy to match and learn their letters!

by pixiejen

Got this for my 3YO nephew when he visited. He loved it! Ends of pins are nicely capped and smooth. They are also very secure so there were no worries about losing them.

by Sandra Says

My 2.5-year-old is kind of too young to play with this on her own, so we play together. And I can see how this tetris puzzle is helping with fine motor skills and problem-solving skills. 

by Gul Zerze

Fun and very challenging puzzle. My almost 4 year old set to playing with right away. Even though she couldn’t quite solve it she happily kept going and going.

by Geneva

Great game for kids of almost any age. My kids enjoyed this while in preschool; but I bought it to have at home now that they're 6 and 8. Both enjoy creating.

by AA80

Got this for my nephew to help him with fine motor. When I gave it to him, my sister in law said his therapist has the same toy! So therapist recommended apparently!

by Veritas M

I love that the carton and eggs are easy for her to open. It’s great for fine motor development and working on shapes/colors!

by Eltje Lenz

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